About us

Qiancheng Holdings has five major industry groups under its jurisdiction, namely passenger car retailing (Qiancheng Group), public sales (Tuchuang Group), high technology (Liangcheng Technology), Internet sharing economy (Zhida Technology) and overseas sales (Jinglin Green Energy Trading Company L.L.C). Which is involved in the business of domestic and international passenger car retailing, domestic and international forklift sales, commercial vehicle sales, public sales, machinery and equipment sales, photovoltaic construction, energy storage power plant construction, power battery sales, chip sales and Internet-based sharing forklift business. The goal is to provide integrated energy intelligence solutions.

Qiancheng Group is divided into three major systems-namely;  business department, finance centre and audit centre. Existing staff of more than 1,200 people, the enterprise is committed to the long-term training of employees, and consulting cooperation with a number of units to ensure that the middle management and above are exposed to advanced working methods and management concepts.

Jinglin Green Energy Trading Company L.L.C was founded in September 2023, it's a Qiancheng Group (Shandong Qiancheng Holding Co., Ltd.) subordinate overseas companies, headquarter in Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China, the overseas office is located in Dubai. The company's main business is overseas marketing of BYD's own brand of pure electric forklifts and passenger cars, the company adheres to the group's development direction of only doing BYD brand, determined to fight for the promotion of BYD's new energy products, it's committed to promote the BYD brand to the Middle East and Africa, and deepening the internationalisation of the BYD brand.