Investors Agent

 We are a professional company that specializes in manufacturing and providing electric forklifts  and sales company, adhering to the business philosophy of "honest operation and quality first," we are committed to creating comfortable, convenient, and high-quality of electric forklifts and energy storage solutions for our customers. 

Since our establishment, we have upheld the principle of "customer first, service foremost," continuously enhancing our brand image, market competitiveness, and earning the trust and support of a wide range of customers. Hereby, we are inviting discerning individuals from all walks of life to join our cause and share the joy of success together.

Electric forklift agent

 As a company with abundant electric forklift industry experience and a professional team, we always adhere to customer needs, continuously innovate and improve products and services.

Our projects are located international and nationwide Whether it is for investment or rental needs, we can provide customers with the most suitable solutions. 

By joining us, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly:  the most significant advantages is 

that BYD lithium batteries are environmentally friendly, producing 

zero emissions during operation. This will help reduce carbon footprint and improve air quality in indoor and outdoor work environments.

Brand Advantage: Our company has a good brand image and 

reputation, ensuring quality and broad market prospects.

Brand Advantage

Product Advantage

Product Advantage: We have a diverse product line to meet the

needs of different customers. Our products are of high quality and cost-effective.

Service Advantage: We have a professional sales team and after-sales service team to provide customers with comprehensive service support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Service Advantage

Marketing Advantage

Marketing Advantage: We have a strong marketing network and channel resources to help investor quickly open up the market.

Policy Advantage: We provide comprehensive policy support and training guidance to the investor helping them grow rapidly.

Policy Advantage

The ideal investor will have a proven track record, possess strong communication skills, demonstrate industry-forklift expertise, showcase flexibility and adaptability, and express interest in mutual benefits. The Investor should have the capability to effectively manage sales and maintain trust in our BYD forklift products. Additionally, having access to a sufficient warehouse and rental services, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and readiness to establish a partnership with us are essential qualities we are looking for. If you meet these criteria and are eager to collaborate on promoting our advanced cutting-edge electric forklifts, we encourage you to get in touch with us.