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BYD, a company that continues to maintain high-speed growth, has evolved from a single battery manufacturer to the world's largest electric forklift battery maker. Starting from ground zero in the new energy industry, BYD has emerged as a global leader in new energy forklifts, embodying zero pollution and zero emissions.BYD's electric forklifts offer zero emissions and reduced operating costs compared to traditional diesel or propane-powered forklifts. The lithium-ion batteries used in these forklifts provide high energy density, fast charging capabilities, and long service life, making them ideal for industrial applications. With products that are ready to charge and ready to use, suitable for high and low-temperature environments, and boasting high safety and efficiency, BYD showcases its exceptional technology integration capability. These achievements attest to BYD's magnificent transformations. The automotive industry now serves as a new economic growth point for BYD, emphasizing the importance of the overseas automotive market as a must-win for businesses.